Meet the PTSO Board

Christie Amato - President


The leader of the pack!  Christie is a creative problem solver who keep us focused on the agenda.   She supervises all of the activities of the organization, delegates tasks, presides at general PTO meetings and is the primary contacts to our principal, Mr. Bassett. 

Co-Vice President


Alexa Whippo & Dannell Weller

Alexa and Dannell preside over fundraising, programs, communications and events just to name a few.  They help Christie get things done...kind of like a superhero's sidekick, but without the silly costumes = ) 



Brooke Capps & Jennifer Cardenas

Brooke and Jennifer use their stellar skills to help keep the community up to date via flyers and social media. 



Jess Lovelace

Jess crunches the numbers and accounts for every penny we raise to fund important projects for our school.